Muskegon Tribal Office: 1111 West Hackley, Muskegon, MI 49441
P (231) 398-6651

The following Departments will be going to the Muskegon Office on October 19, 2019.
Below listed are The Departments that will be available and the services that they will be providing:

Enrollment Department
Address Changes
Phone Number Updates
E-mail Updates
Direct Deposits
PerCap-proof of income (DHS, Social Security ect.)
Cancellation of Direct Deposits
PerCap Check Cancellation & Reissues
Voluntary Federal Tax Withholdings from PerCap
Bereavement Benefit
Tribal Directory
Applications for enrolling in the Tribe
Tribal ID’s
Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood
Descendant Certifications
Eagle Feather Permit Certification
Tuition Waiver Certification

Education Department
Information about student services if they have questions about how it works- no applications available, but information.
College applications
Vocational programs
Any kind of education questions

Food Distribution Program
Members will be able to apply for the program that day and he will be able to answer any questions they have about the program.

Member’s Legal Assistance Department
Estate Planning.  The Attorney can draft Wills, Power of Attorneys, Medical Power of Attorneys and Trusts.

Real Estate.  The Attorney can assist with the purchase, sale or transfer of real estate.  The attorney can assist with foreclosures or forfeitures.

Landlord – Tenant.  The Attorney can assist with evictions or any other issues with a landlord or a tenant.

Divorce/Custody/Support.  The Attorney can assist if a Tribal Member is involved in a divorce, has issues with child custody, visitation, or child support.

Criminal Matters.  The Attorney can give legal advice if a Tribal Member is charged with a criminal offense.  The Attorney cannot officially represent a member in court, but may be able to resolve the matter without the necessity for appearing in court.

Civil Matters.  The Attorney can give legal advice if a Tribal Member is involved in a civil lawsuit.  While the Attorney cannot officially represent the Member in court, the Attorney has been successful at resolving Civil Lawsuits without appearing in court.

Guardianships and Conservatorships.  The Attorney can assist in obtaining Guardianships and Conservatorships for persons who are unable to care for themselves.

General Legal Advice.  The Attorney can give general legal advice for any type of legal issue that a Tribal Member may have except for issues that involve the Tribe.

Family Services, Member’s Assistance, PRC/EHAP, Patient Benefits and the CHR’s
Will also be available more to come regarding services that will be available.