Currents Newspaper / Rapid River News Update

Thank you for participating in our recent mailing regarding the Currents newspaper.

We reached out to all members receiving Currents and learned a lot from the feedback you provided. We look forward to addressing the issues we discovered.

The information learned from the mailing will allow us to provide a more effective newspaper, reduce costs, and provide news more efficiently.

Much focus has been applied in changing other news resources as well, such as Rapid River News (online news page). Issues such as user/mobile friendly, timing, privacy and access are a primary focus. The LRBOI IT Dept. has implemented a new web page design providing a more user friendly format.  They have addressed login and privacy issues, ensuring the news maintains a secure link between our Government and our Membership.

Thank you for your patience as we transition Currents and Rapid River News to a better communications resource for our Members.

Please continue to send your comments and submissions to: