09-0304-48 – Was not used

09-0304-49 – Was not used

09-0304-50 – Approval of Supplemental Appropriation 2009-1-1st QTR to Fund Costs Associated with Restoring the Tribal Government Work Week to 40 Hours for Affected Employees and Elected Officials, the Cost of a Salary Survey for all Tribal Government Positions, and a plan for Reductions to the FY 2010 Budget if Necessary in the Amount of $1,104,579.81

09-0304-51 – Authorizing Enrollment Commission to Meet Two Times Per Month

09-0304-52 – Approval of Budget Modification # MB-2009-7 to transfer $2,695 within the Tribal Council budget for additional Enrollment Commission stipends

09-0304-53 – Approval to Restore the Allowance of Gaming Commission Meetings and Stipends

09-0304-54 – Approval to Ratify a Policy with Blue Cross Blue Shield to provide medical coverage for Tribal Government Employees; elected officials and all tribal entities according to the 2009 approved budgets for the government and the individual entities as subscribed

09-0304-55 – Amending the Schedule of Regular Meetings for the Tribal Council for Calendar Year 2009

09-0304-56 – Permanent Adoption of Amendments to the Gross Gaming Revenue Tax Ordinance

09-0304-57 – Permanent Adoption of Amendments to the Committees Ordinance

09-0304-58 – Setting Committee Stipends and Maximum Number of Monthly Stipends Allowed

09-0304-59 – Permanent Adoption of Amendments to the Commissions Ordinance

09-0304-60 – Permanent Adoption of Amendments to the Fair Employment Practices Code

09-0304-61 – Permanent Adoption of Amendments to the Election Ordinance

09-0304-62 – Authorizing Legislative Counsel to Prepare Request for Extension For Compliance with Sex Offender Registration Act for Signature By the Ogema and to Notify Appropriate Agencies that the Tribe Intends To Delegate Certain Technical Aspects of Compliance to the State of Michigan

09-0304-63 – Approval to implement a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) through Cadillac Insurance with Advanced Benefit Solutions (ABS) to provide a pre-tax health reimbursement account for those Tribal Government Employees and elected officials who choose the opt-out provision.

09-0311-64 – Technical Amendment to Resolution #08-0507-125 Amending Source of Additional $25,000 Tribal Match

09-0311-65 – Approval of Budget Modification (MB-2009 #-08) for the Aki Maadiziwin Community Center Project in the amount of $475,000.00

09-0311-66 – Approval of $1,800,00 Donation to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

09-0311-67 – Authorization to Release the Gaming Commission’s Plan of Action Prepared in Response to the Report on Forensic Audit and Internal Control Evaluation of the Little River Casino Resort for the Period January 1, 2004 through December 31, 2007 on a Limited Basis

09-0311-68 – Still in Closed Session and has not been moved to Open Session

09-0311-69 – Selection of Rehmann Robson as the Tribe’s Auditor and Authorization for Tribal Ogema to Sign Engagement Letter Contract to Perform an Audit of the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians Financial Records for the Period Ending December 31, 2008

09-0318-70 – Was not used

09-0318-71 – Approval of Supplemental Appropriation 2009-2-1 QTR to Fund Costs Associated with Restoring the Gaming Commission Stipends and Meeting Schedule in Accordance with Resolution # 09-0304-53 in the Amount of $19,970.00

09-0318-72 – Approval to Submit a FY2009 Grant Application to the Administration for Native Americans under the Family Preservation – Improving the Well-Being of Children Project Implementation Program for a three-year project period in an Amount Not to Exceed $200,000 to bring the benefits of the Positive Indian Parenting Model and other Family Strengthening Model Programs to Little River Band Tribal Members

09-0318-73 – Was not used

09-0318-74 – Approval of Declaration of Legislative Recesses for 2009

09-0325-75 – Approval to Submit a FY2009 Grant Application to the Department of Health & Human Services under the Residential Energy Assistance Challenge Program in the amount of $60,000

09-0325-76 – Approval to Submit a FY2009 Proposal to the Great Lakes Fisheries Trust under Ecosystem Health and Sustainable Fish Populations in the amount of $52,800

09-0325-77 – Acceptance of grant funds from the Department of Housing & Urban Development under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 approving a modification to the operating budget MB-2009-9 in the amount of $102,755 for FY2009

09-0325-78 – Approving Appropriation of Funds for the Remainder of FY 2009 for Departments Originally Appropriated Funds for the First Quarter Only

09-0325-79 – Rescinding Resolution #07-0608-305: Emergency Resolution to Prevent the Issuance of any further commercial Fishing Captains Licenses by the Natural Resource Department

09-0325-80 – Resolution in support of the Chugach Regional Resources Commission (CRRC) and Native American Fish & Wildlife Service (NAFWS) pursuit of funding for the development of a university-level textbook on Tribal Natural Resource Management

09-0325-81 – Authorizing the Donation of $3,600.00 to Manistee Public Schools Track Fund for the Purpose of Purchasing Paver Blocks Inscribed with the Tribal Logo with the Proceeds from the Sale of the Blocks Utilized for the Construction of a New Track and Field Facility

09-0325-82 – Authorizing donation in the amount of $1,100.00 to North American Indigenous Summer Enrichment Camp

09-0325-83 – Approving Donation to Knights of Columbus Manistee Council #853

09-0325-84 – Reaffirming and Re-Authorizing the July 20, 2005 Adoption of the Board of Directors Act of 2005

09-0325-85 – Emergency Adoption and Re-Authorization Of the Board of Directors Act of 2005