The Peacemaking & Probation Department is part of our Tribal Judicial Branch and deals with the concept of ‘Peacemaking’ or what is sometimes called restorative justice. The head of LRBOI Peacemaking is former Ogema, Patrick Wilson.


Former Ogema Patrick Wilson at 2013 Peacemaking Conference in Manistee, MI


Peacemaking is not a new concept, it is part of our Tribal heritage. At the core of Peacemaking the process could be described as, “Restoring Balance.”

When there is a conflict, Peacemakers help address the problem and guide all those involved to reach an understanding and solve their problems. The key to achieving this is, Communication. Communication can be difficult, however the Peacemaking process gives each Participant a chance to be heard and opening up those lines of communication.

The Participants are Family members, married couples, employees, community members, school students, committees and governmental departments.

Peacemaking explores the issues and possible causes of the dispute, problem or issue and helps direct the participants understand and develop a new relationship, start healing, and define a new balance in their lives.


Midwest Peacemaking Conference

The Peacemaking Department hosts the Midwest Peacemaking Conference. The goals of the conference are to help other tribes and local governments develop their own Peacemaking programs and share our experiences. Promote an understanding of Peacemaking as an alternative to court. Also to understand the benefits that can come from Peacemaking and to create a network for Peacemakers to interact with each other. The 5th Annual Peacemaking Conference is June 8th, 9th and 10th this year. Here is a link regarding registration for this conference. Peacemaking Conference

Indian Village Youth Camp

Indian Village Youth Camp is a four day camp that will provide direct intervention, education, cultural programs, wilderness survival skills, individual and group therapeutic activities and tribal custom living conditions. The camp will be available to all of the tribes within the state of Michigan, as a diversion program for at Risk Youth.