LRBOI Tribal Public Safety Director              Robert Medacco


To provide a safe environment for our citizens, protect Tribal sovereignty and preserve natural resources. We shall promote partnerships and uphold the rights of all people.




Integrity – doing what is right when no one else is aware
Respect – treat others as you would like to be treated
Courage – to go where others cannot or will not go in the face of adversity
Honesty – being truthful regardless of the outcome
Pride – commitment to excellence and professionalism


The Public Safety Department at LRBOI provides many services to its members and the community. We are a full service organization which is responsible for all law enforcement duties.

The department has specialty units aside from the regular patrol responsibilities. We have a detective unit, which conducts investigations on tribal law and federal law violations and a Conservation Enforcement branch for Great Lakes and Inland.

These are just a few of the units that are here to help serve the membership and protect the interests of the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians.

If you have a complaint concerning the Public Safety Department, please use the complaint forms which are located on the bulletin board at the Justice Center or download the form here: Citizen Complaint Form

If you wish a copy of a report, please use this form: RELEASE OF RECORDS

For accident reports, you may go to this site: www.AuthorizeTransaction.com

To view the department fee schedule, please go here: Fee Schedule

Gathering Grounds Camping Permits Information

Please contact the Office Manager at (231) 398-2225 with questions about completing the form.