Burmeister et al. v. Crampton et al. – Order after Show Cause 04.16.24

Romanelli v. Tribal Council – Order for Contempt of Court 4.1.24

Romanelli v. Tribal Council – Order after Show Cause Hearing 3.25.24

Agosa Ossiginac v. Ogema – Order Denying Stay 02.15.2024

Chapman Puflett v. Housing Dept. Housing Commission Order-Dismissing Cas

24-07-GC Burmeister et al. v. Wolfe et al – Order Regarding Ex-Parte Relief 1.10.24

24-008-GC Stone & Burmeister v. TC – Order Regarding Ex-Parte Relief & Setting Hearing 1.10.24

24-010-GC Ogema v. TC – Order on Verified Complaint for an Ex-Parte Order for a Writ of Mandamus 1.11.24

General Court Information

Tribal Court exists for the benefit of the members. Pro se litigants (people representing themselves) will be treated with respect. Our court can provide efficient, inexpensive solutions to the problems of Tribal members. We have a pamphlet available with the meanings of the most commonly used legal terms used in our court. This may help alleviate some of the fears that people have when dealing with the judicial system.

The Clerk’s office is usually the first stop in any civil proceeding. The clerk has various forms available that may be required to file before beginning a civil suit. The court staff is prohibited from providing legal advice but can help guide you on how to complete the forms. The fee to begin a civil case is $60.00. An affidavit is available for anyone who would have a hardship in paying this fee. The fee may be reduced or waived by the Judge depending on the information submitted on the affidavit form.

Peacemaking is also a part of Tribal Court. They deal mainly with juveniles, but are available to help solve problems or differences between people, using traditional dispute resolution methods. They have been used in employee issues and have also done child custody meditations with great success.

Court Rule Fees and Cost
2022 Court Fees 

Tribal Court Rules and Forms

Guide on Filing Requests for Injunctive Relief

Instructions for completing proof of service in civil cases

Tribal Court Administrative Orders
2023-01 Fine Schedule – Driving Violations

2023-02 Fine Schedule – Camping Regulations

22-004 AO, Updated Order Regarding Tribal Court Operations (11/23/2022)

22-002 AO, Court Operations Update & Mask Requirements (03/04/2022)

21-008-AO, Updated Order Regarding Court Operations (11/08/2021)

Admin. Order 2021-005, Order Regarding Re-Opening of Justice Center (07/01/2021)

Admin. Order 2021-004, Procedure Regarding Transcripts (06/29/2021)

Admin. Order 21-002 AO – Election Disputes & Challenges (05/27/2021)

Tribal Court Opinions