Educational Activities

In addition to the Tribal Education Programs listed on this website, the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians Education Department also provides a number of educational activities for Tribal children. While some funding limits these activities to enrolled Tribal members only, most often anyone is welcome to attend. Please watch the Little River Currents for detailed information about the events and activities, and keep an eye on your mailbox for flyers and applications for some of these activities. As always, if you hear about an event or activity and have questions about it, please feel free to contact the Education Department.

Education Department Programs

  • Higher Education ScholarshipApplication
    This Scholarship is available to any enrolled tribal citizen who is attending a non-profit accredited college or university, has applied for all other available financial aid, and shows unmet need. Summer semester is currently not an eligible semester for this scholarship.
  • College Book Stipend ProgramApplication
    Enrolled tribal citizens attending a non-profit accredited college or university, depending on the number of credits for which they are enrolled, may receive $200, $300, or $500 to assist in purchasing college textbooks and supplies per semester. This program should be viewed as a reimbursement program as it is not always possible for a student to receive a Book Stipend check before they need to purchase their books. Please print the application in color and submit the original application, not a photocopy.
  • Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver (MITW)Application
    The MITW is not a tribal program, but the Education Department, in combination with the Enrollment Department will process the Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver application for eligible tribal members. Those eligible are ¼ or more blood quantum, 12-month residents of Michigan, and attending a public college or university in Michigan. The MITW covers tuition only. Make sure to include a copy of your Michigan Drivers License or State of Michigan ID, Tribal ID, and if you choose, a copy of your Social Security Card.
  • Vocational Education Assistance ProgramApplication
    This assistance is available to any enrolled tribal citizen who is attending a state agency approved or accredited vocational/technical program, has applied for all other available financial aid, and shows unmet need. This award can provide up to $4,000 per semester/term/program. Please contact the Education Department to determine if the school you are considering will qualify.
  • Tutoring Assistance ProgramApplication
    This program provides up to $500 to assist with the costs of a qualified and approved tutor for enrolled tribal citizens that meet program eligibility requirements. There are a limited number of tutoring assistance grants per year which will be distributed on a first come-first serve basis to eligible applicants. The Education Department asks that all tribal citizens access any free tutoring programs available in your area through the school, our department, or other agencies.
    Program eligibility requirements: Elementary students must be functioning at one grade level or more below grade level in reading and/or math. Middle school and high school student must be failing two or more classes.
    Tutor qualification requirements: Tutors for tutees in elementary school must have completed one year of full time college level courses that must include a math course and a teaching reading course. Tutors for tutees in high school and middle school must have completed one year of full time college level courses that must include at least on college level course in the subject area for which they will be tutoring.
    Documentation for program eligibility requirements and tutor qualification requirements must be submitted with application.
  • LRBOI Student Services
    Tribal citizens enrolled in pre-school (at least 3 years of age) to 12th grade as of January of that year are eligible for LRBOI Student Services. Registration forms for this program are not available through the website or by requesting them from the Education Department. All LRBOI registration forms are mailed in mid January to all tribal citizens 3-19 years old, with only those 3 year olds who are enrolled in pre-school at the time the application is received and those up to 12th grade are eligible for services. These registrations are mailed using mailing labels from the Enrollment Department. Make sure you keep all of your children’s addresses updated at all times so they don’t miss any opportunities.

    • The LRBOI Student Services consist of:
      • School Clothing Assistance – Provides parents of tribal citizens with funds to assist with purchasing school clothing for eligible students. Upon submitting a completed registration form by a specific deadline, students will receive a check for use in purchasing school clothing and supplies.
      • Activities Assistance – Provides parents of tribal citizens with funds in reimbursement or payment of invoice or bill, for activities, including but not limited to, sports, band, camps, and regalia making.
      • Senior Expenses (one time only) – Provides graduating tribal citizen seniors with funds to use for reimbursement of, or payment for senior pictures, announcements, cap and gown, and class ring. This can be used one-time-only.
      • Driver’s Training Assistance (one time only) – Provides eligible Tribal citizen students with funds to use toward the costs of Driver’s Education Programs. This can be used one-time-only.