EDC (Economic Development Corporation) – Little River Holdings LLC

After approximately 8 years of development efforts which recognized the need to protect sovereignty and diversify revenue streams for future generations, the Tribe’s Economic Development Corporation (EDC), Little River Holdings, LLC was formally enabled by resolution on November 15, 2017 and operational on January 1, 2018.

Its founding mission is to provide a legal structure built under sovereign tribal laws to house the economic development entities, other than the Manistee Casino, whose purpose is to create monetary profits and tribal community benefits.

Its founding vision is to seek to become the parent economic development entity of the Nation, acting as the direct link between related entities and the will of the Tribal Council and Ogema, wherein profit and/or tribal community oriented businesses will be housed that are integral to the operations, financial, health, economic self-sufficiency, and continued existence of the Nation.

The EDC consists of a Board and a management team.

Our Subsidiary companies:

  • Ayaa Ventures, LLC (InTerra and Advanced Protein Solutions – APS)
  • Little River Capital Management, LLC
  • Little River Development, LLC
  • Little River Real Estate Management, LLC
  • Little River Government Contracting, LLC

Want to see some of what we do?

InTerra Nutraceuticals https://interranutra.com/

APS (Advanced Protein Solutions) https://advancedproteins.com/

Odeno Homes in Fruitport https://odenohomes.com/