Gaming Commission Mission

The Gaming Commission was established in accordance to the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA). Its mission is assuring the integrity of the gaming enterprise of the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians. Its mission is to protect the public interest by maintaining a legitimate and viable industry, free from the influences of organized crime, and assuring the honest, good character and integrity of the casino owners, operators, employees, and vendors.


Physical and Mailing Address
2840 Orchard Highway – Suite A
Manistee, MI 49660

Phone Number: (231) 723-7755
Fax Number: (231) 723-7788
Tip Hotline: 1-866-398-2210

Gaming Commission Management/Senior Staff

Kelly Maser, Executive Director – (231) 398-2261 –
Alan Mackowiak CPA, Senior Internal Auditor – (231) 398-2270 –
Andrew Hurford, Background Investigator – (231) 398-2260
Erford Edmondson, Compliance Manager – (231) 398-2262 –
Connie Lindsay, Surveillance Manager – (231) 723-8067 –