It’s nice to be back after about a three-month break from doing the Currents. Our apologies, but as you know the COVID-19 virus came on strong and changed the world in a very short time.

What an event. Since my last writing, we have had to shut down the Casino Resort and the Tribal Government and reopen both on a limited capacity. We had to follow the dictates of the Federal Government, the State of Michigan and work with what other Tribes were doing. It was definitely a learning experience.

We also tried to provide as many services as possible during this time and I want to thank the entire staff for their cooperation and hard work, both at the Resort and Government. It seems everything has changed; some things will be permanent, others just for a short time hopefully.

No one has all the answers yet as to when this pandemic will be over, if it will reoccur or what lasting effects it will have. At this point, I believe that we will need to cancel the Fall Membership Meeting being held unless some major change happens. Rather than in person it is planned to be live streamed

We hope to have the government back fully operational by the end of July, but with necessary changes to ensure the health and safety of Tribal members and employees. From what I understand, overall, our Tribe did very well.

I also want to thank the residents of Aki Maadiziwin for their patience and understanding during the past few months. It is greatly appreciated. I also thank our Public Safety Department and our Clinic for their hard work. I could go on,  but a big thanks to all.

Please stay safe and enjoy what you can for the rest of summer.
Until next time ..