Why did the power keep going out during the Pow Wow this year?
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Ogema Larry Romanelli’s Response



I am writing this on June 13th; this coming Saturday, June 16th, I am holding an Informational Meeting in Muskegon. My hopes are that we can provide clear information to the membership on questions that have been asked at the Meet and Greets in April and since then. The meeting is expected to be recorded and available on the Ogema’s website page for those not able to attend.

This past Monday, June 11th, LRBOI hosted the annual meeting with the United States Attorney General’s Office, Western District. US Attorney Andrew Birge gave updates to the group on issues important to the Tribe and other law enforcement agencies within Michigan. As most of you are aware there are multiple concerns including domestic violence, child advocacy, and drug related offenses such as opioid abuses. Coordination among law enforcement agencies is critical to addressing these problems within communities.

Historic Preservation Director Jay Sam and I met with officials from Muskegon working on a downtown sculpture project called, “Niikonii Kiina” or “All My Relations”. I will try to keep you updated on this project as we get closer. The sculpture represents the Seven Grandfathers.

The golf course the Tribe recently purchased in Bear Lake is up and running. The management has been placed under the Little River Casino Resort and hopefully we can get some updates as to how it is doing. I did have a chance to look over the property and the upgrades look good.

At the last Council Meet and Greet held in Muskegon on May 19th, there was some confusion about tribal housing, (Aki Maadiziwin) and the housing being built in Muskegon (Odeno).

“Aki Maadiziwin” is housing that has been built for the benefit of tribal members for rent and purchase. It is located in Manistee and we continue to build homes. There are “fair market” houses, “elder” houses and “low income” houses.  We also have some houses in Manistee that we purchased to rent to our tribal members.

“ODENO”, is an economic development effort to create revenue. A community of approximately 282 houses we will be building over the next 5-6 years to build and sell for profit to anyone is looking for a new home in the Fruitport area. I hope this helps. For those of you asking about housing for tribal members in Muskegon and other cities, the hope is that from profits we may be able to find some property and build for tribal people in other locations.

School is out and I hope everyone has an enjoyable summer. Until next time…


I guess I can say “Happy Spring” after it seems winter was refusing to leave.

Little River Band of Ottawa Indians has many “irons in the fire”.  We also have a newly created Economic Development Corporation (EDC) to handle some of those “irons”.  The EDC Board consists of seven individuals. Working with Tom St. Dennis and Jeanie Gibson will be Thad Taylor, Andrew Gentile, Frank Lewis, Frank Medacco, Jim Nedeau, Ron Pete as the Vice-Chair and myself as the Chairman. We hope to ensure current economic development projects stay on track and look at other future projects thoroughly.

As you may notice, there are changes to Currents Newspaper, LRBOI website, Rapid River Online News and our Tribal Facebook page.  I think you will be happy with the changes taking place. Access to information should become much easier.

If you attended our Spring Membership Meeting you learned that our Muskegon Casino Project has moved another step closer to becoming a reality. The project is in Washington DC being vetted by the DOI and BIA. It has been a long process of nearly 9 years but I think we are nearing the end of the processes, hopefully within 2 years to approval.

We have also recently purchased the Bear Lake Golf Course. Council approved the purchase in April. The course will be managed by the LRCR Resort.

I wish everyone a comfortable springtime. Until next time…


These are my favorite type of presents and this painting by the children makes all the work I do, worth every minute of it. I will keep this painting in a place where others can see It. This painting reminds me of a VanGogh painting and worth as much to me. I will be visiting the children in the next month.”

Kichi Miigwetch Ogema Larry Romanelli

The painting was done by the NGLC Cedar Children in Preschool raging in ages from 4-5. During the Holiday season their focus was family and gratitude. Each child in the class painted a bit of the canvas. We wanted to show our gratitude towards our LRBOI family and present the Ogema with a gift. 

Holly Karlsen Administrator Next Generation Learning Center


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