08.18.19- Ogema Romanelii’s response to the recent post by a Tribal Member

Chief and council take drug, alcohol testing to model clean lifestyle – Kaitlynn Nordal | June 25, 2019

I am and have been supportive of this. I have been tested at least a couple of times since becoming Ogema and have no problem doing so again. I believe if we are going to ask our employees to be tested we should be willing to  do so ourselves.

Also, as I stated at yesterday’s Tribal Council Meeting, I am keeping a daily work log and have been for about a week to show that I work at least 40 hours week. I am willing to share with any member that wishes to see it. I am  not going to post it, but anyone can come to me and ask to review it. I will continue to do so at least until the next Membership Meeting. -Ogema Larry Romanelli

August 2019


By the time you get this issue of the Currents, the questionnaire I talked about sending should be mailed to you. I would like to send a special thank you to Mary Thomas and Rebecca Groh for their work on getting the questionnaire printed and sent out to every member of the Tribe. The mailer turned out to be quite a job for several reasons we won’t go into now. I also want to thank Mary Thomas, Rebecca Groh and  Lee Ivinson, for their assistance with getting the questionnaire put together and help with the questions.

I hope we’ve given enough opportunity for members to voice their thoughts. My only concern is that we will hear from members who want to voice displeasure, but if a member is well or pleased with our services or government, they won’t respond. We are really trying to get the best idea of what the Tribe is doing wrong and right. I must say, it will be helpful to us if the response has a name to it, although it is not required.

As has been noted before, it is difficult to compare LRBOI with other Tribes that have 500 members while we have approximately 4,200 members and oftentimes half or one-quarter of the income of other Tribes. Overall, I think we do a good job, but there is always room for improvement.

The Spring and Summer are proving to be a very busy time for the Tribe. Our Economic Development Corporation is coming together along with our Citizen’s Advisory Committee. Products marketed by the EDC are now being sold at Little River Casino Resort. We are very proud that the Resort is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year! There are many employees that have been with us since the start. Miigwetch to all.

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