Reaffirmation Day for the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians is September 21st. So what does ” reaffirmation” mean to us?

This day is essential to our Tribe, our Nation. It means that the Congress of the United States of America recognized and “reaffirmed” that our Nation is many centuries old, predating the United States Government itself. It shows that we were not created in 1994 but had existed for many years before.

Although we are small in numbers, we are no less a sovereign government, not any less than other governments in this world. You can and should be proud to be a member and citizen of this tremendous historic Nation.

As a sovereign nation, we have our Constitution; we are, in fact, a nation within a nation. We should protect our Constitution at all costs. Our Constitution should not be confused with other governments, tribal and non-tribal. Our elected officials are sworn to protect our Constitution and those laws and regulations that follow the Constitution.

Please take this day to remember and respect our great Nation. Enjoy this day. Kichi Miigwetch